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ACMP, in cooperation with PDXWIT, is hosting a joint learning event covering change management in technology and empowerment in the workplace for those who work in either the change management or technology fields.

This event is open to all people and all genders are highly encouraged to attend as these topics affect all of us in change management! Our 90-minute learning event will cover the following topics:

  1. Bringing business and tech together to create cross-functional ownership
  2. Supporting the culture change elements of technology transition
  3. Demonstrating the ROI of taking a human-centric approach
  4. Navigating a business environment in which gender imbalances and stereotypes can impact empowerment and teamwork

Our format will include a panel discussion, Q&A, and small group breakout discussions. Our wonderful panelists are as follows!

Joni ​Roylance ​has ​12 ​years ​of ​experience ​of ​realizing ​strategies ​and ​empowering ​teams, ​while ​also ​building ​ways ​of ​working ​that ​help ​prepare ​organizations ​for ​the ​future ​of ​work. ​Joni ​is ​most ​passionate ​about ​human ​behavior, ​human ​connection ​in ​a ​tech-focused ​world, ​and ​social ​change.

Shaunna ​Levy ​is ​a ​Gallup-certified ​CliftonStrengths ​(StrengthsFinder) ​coach. ​She ​helps ​clients ​energize ​their ​careers ​or ​their ​teams ​by ​showing ​them ​how ​they ​work ​best. ​

Kelly ​Schneyer ​is ​an ​independent ​Change ​Management ​consultant ​with ​an ​emphasis ​on ​strategic ​employee ​engagement. ​Kelly ​specializes ​in ​cultivating ​confidence ​during ​ambiguous ​change ​initiatives ​through ​human ​connection, ​visual ​communication, ​and ​engaging ​training ​delivery. ​ ​ ​

Mary ​Le ​is ​an ​organizational ​change ​manager ​at ​Nike ​with ​experience ​leading ​broad, ​multi-faceted ​change ​initiatives ​within ​very ​large, ​complex ​organizations. ​She ​has ​direct ​experience ​designing ​and ​managing ​KPIs, ​aligning ​employees ​from ​tech ​and ​business ​teams ​under ​an ​Agile ​methodology, ​facilitating ​cross-functional ​workshops ​and ​retrospectives, ​and ​translating ​transformational ​strategies ​into ​executable ​change ​tactics.

Day and Time: Friday, April 12, 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Microsoft Portland Office (Pearl District),
1414 N.W. Northrup Street, Suite 900,
Portland, Oregon

Cost to Attend: $15 for non-ACMP member, $10 for ACMP members, $5 for students.

Register now—spots are limited!

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