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Q2 Member Engagement Update

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A word from our Member Engagement & Volunteer Director – Sandy Bell!

I am very excited to report a few preliminary results from the 2017 member engagement survey. The Board will dig deeper into the nuances of the feedback and share our actions in the future but we wanted to share a high level summary with you.  Thank you to those who responded, we appreciate your time and thoughtful, honest responses!

Who responded?

  • Equal distribution among the age groups 26-56+
  • Exactly equal distribution between those close to Seattle or Portland
  • 68% characterized themselves as having 8-10+ years of career experience
  • 7% are beginning practitioners, 37% are intermediate, 56% are advanced

Hear about ACMP?

  • 76% heard about ACMP from a Professional Colleague

Why did you join?

  • 33% to be a member of a professional organization
  • 33% to network and meet new people
  • 45% Professional Learning and Development
  • 53% to advance the change management professional practice

Most valued:

  • 58% rated Continuing Education and Professional Development ( e.g. webinars, learning events, speakers) as the highest valued offering

Welcome to our new members!

As of March 31, 2017 we had 220 active members and had 27 new members join in the first quarter of 2017. Let’s reach out and warmly welcome the following new members! Also, if you attend a coffee chat or learning event as a new member, please let your host(ess) know for a small gift!

  1. Elizabeth Anderson
  2. Dana Houston Jackson
  3. Katelyn Williams
  4. Cornelia Jensen
  5. Meredith Sopher
  6. Tami Miller
  7. Erika Schmidt
  8. Rachel DeCarlo
  9. Molly Huber
  10. Jesse Lien
  11. Lauren Martin
  12. Sarah Scudder
  13. Loren Wertz
  14. Sarah Hamilton
  15. Steve Soika
  16. Judy Cocchiarella
  17. Kim Cadigan
  18. Roger Kastner
  19. Jude Lieberman
  20. Carla Carey
  21. Tyson Rytting
  22. Allison Knowles
  23. Tom Karcz
  24. Lindsay Nagel
  25. Donald VanDykte
  26. Rebecca Beattle
  27. Eugene Juric


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