Q1 TLT Meeting focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understanding the Importance of EQ

Q1 TLT Meeting focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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A word from our TLT Director – Julie Milner!

Our very own TLT member, Karl Hunrick, shared his expertise in Emotional Intelligence with our TLT during our Q1 session. In a nutshell, Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) is the term used to describe the emotional capacity we have to make our relationships with others work effectively. The three components of EQ are as follows:

  1. Awareness of our own experiences
  2. Awareness of the experience of others
  3. The ability to effectively manage ourselves and our emotions in relationship with others

According to the research by one of EQ’s founding fathers, Daniel Goleman, “on average, close to 90% of leadership success is attributable to Emotional intelligence” and “Emotional competencies are twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and experience”.

During the Q1 TLT Meeting, Karl exposed the TLT to the EQ In Action Model, which measures self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy, as well as provides avenues for further exploration and development. Feedback from TLT members who participated in the session indicated that learning about the model was enlightening! In particular, understanding that we tend to connect our emotions to past memories and then often times act as if those memories are relevant to the current situation helped some to consider current situations differently.

On behalf of the ACMP Board and our fellow TLT Members, special thanks to Karl Hunrick for teaching us more about the importance of EQ! If you’d like to learn more about EQ, we encourage you to check out the following resources:





If you have any questions or comments regarding the overall TLT, please reach out to me at Julie.Milner@cambiahealth.com.

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