New Year. Big Changes. | Our Board President Reflects

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Every year creates the unique opportunity for change which brings the promises of new beginnings, fresh starts, and not to mention, endings. And this year is no different. On the heels of a recent election, we’re all feeling the impacts of big change – and regardless of what side you are on.

Whether you are focused on making a larger contribution to yourself, your organization, your community, or your country, we all have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves in 2017. For me personally, that means being intentional with my time, energy, and effort to better prioritize what matters the most, putting my best self forward.

Over the last six months, our Chapter has been going through its own reinvention. Our own big change. As we continue to evolve as a Chapter and Board, we’ve focused our efforts on strengthening our foundation and governance practices to allow us to do better at what we’re ultimately here to do – advance the discipline of change through practice, community, and thought leadership.

So with that, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Prioritizing what matters. As a Chapter, we accomplished another successful and engaging Change Connect Symposium celebrating the Art & Science of change, we’ve renewed our alignment to our TLT partners, we’ve created a stronger connection to our members through engagement, learning events and local coffee chats, we’re revamped our social sites with a face-lift to our Twitterwebsite, and this newsletter! As a Board, we’ve focused on clarifying our vision, strengthening our norms, defining a means to measure to success, and building new ways to help hold us accountable to this Chapter, and one another.

So yes, we’ve been busy, however I’d like to think the “good busy” kind! We’re testing new ways to communicate, we’re asking more questions and feedback of our members and thought partners, we’re experimenting with our events and how we advance the change discipline, we’re doing some housekeeping to work smarter not harder, and we’re engaging not only our with our community of practitioners, but expanding that to emerging change leaders and learners. And, we’re even getting ready for an upcoming election!

We’re reinventing.


Managing our own change. Speaking of change, as change practitioners you’d think we’d be pros at managing our own transitions…right? Well, it depends! As with every new year (and term), we’re forced to manage our own internal transitions, saying goodbye to former Board Members and hello to the new. This year the impact we felt was stronger than in years past as we parted with not one, but three of our Founding Board Members – Tara Beckman (former Chapter Advisor), Erin Daly (former Change Connect Symposium Chair), and Bradd Busick (former Treasurer).

The contributions of these three former Board Members was nothing short of significant and vital in building the foundation of this Chapter which will only enable us to evolve over time. Tara, Erin & Bradd – on behalf of the entire Board and your PNW Chapter, we are so grateful for your contributions to date and excited for your continued partnership!

And while we say goodbye to others, we say hello to Jessica Hickey as our newest Chapter Board Member! An active member and volunteer, Jessica formerly served as our TLT Coordinator and now serves as our acting Treasurer guiding the financial health of this organization. We happily welcome Jessica!

Thank you for the opportunity to continue serve as your Chapter President – it’s truly an honor and a privilege. Here’s to further advancing the discipline of change and putting our best selves forward in 2017!

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