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Welcome Spring!

New Beginnings on the Rise

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Every year the season of Spring brings new life, growth and a generous opportunity to look at things differently. This time of year has a special way of encouraging us to create something new, giving birth to new ideas and ways of thinking. As an ever-evolving Chapter, it was also time for us to welcome a fresh perspective to best serve our members and our mission.

Let’s start with our members – the heartbeat of this Chapter. Our annual member survey was completed this month and we’re busy digesting all the great insights that came from it. While we plan to share all of what we learned in our Q3 Newsletter, we wanted to provide some initials insights with you! Click HERE to learn more and to welcome our new ACMP PNW Members!

In addition, this past quarter we also surveyed members of the Thought Leadership Team (TLT) to uncover what was “working well” and “even better if” opportunities to continue to improve. In the last TLT Session, we were even willing to pose the question, “Do we need to blow this up?!. Scary question for sure, however it was time to ask. For the big takeaway, keep reading to find the TLT update below.

While we’re talking Spring – and waiting for it to officially arrive in Portland & Seattle – the Board has been doing some spring cleaning! This past quarter we were committed to “tidying up” our bylaws and internal governance processes to keep us strong at our core and efficient in our dealings. “Work smarter, not harder” is a mantra that continues to serve us and we leaned in, sometimes uncomfortably. In the end, together we set new agreements with each other and as a result, we grew in support of our members and mission.

As for what’s coming next this quarter as it relates to chapter updates, learning events, coffee chats, and happy hours, please check out the News & Events page on our Chapter website. Lastly, speaking of new beginnings – It’s Board Election Season!

That’s right, we’ve officially kicked off our 2017 Board Election cycle! To ensure the right fit, we are looking for active chapter members who participate in events and/or have served the Board in a volunteer capacity.

Why should you consider? For starters, the benefits to serving on a Board are MANY. Benefits include things like strengthening your leadership skills, gaining non-profit experience, expanding your professional development, and being at the helm to set the strategy to advance the discipline of change in our Pacific Northwest Community all while working with some of the most talented Change Practitioners…the list goes on!

If you’re interested in joining us, please go HERE to learn about the five open Board positions currently available. Act fast, the nomination period closes this Friday, April 28th!

Well, that’s my brief update for this past quarter! Thank you for your ongoing words of encouragement and commitment to this Chapter as we continue to evolve.

As your current President, it continues to be a great honor to serve you. I am undoubtedly humbled by what I have learned about myself and my purpose through serving in this role.

Bottom-line: Learn from Everything.

With Gratitude,

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