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A Deeper Look at Our Members

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The member engagement and volunteer coordination function for our chapter is driven to create opportunities for our members to feel acknowledged (we know you), feel valued (we appreciate your contributions) and create a sense of belonging (we help you develop a professional network and friends).

We are responsible for tracking our membership numbers and understanding our growth, retention, and membership loss over time and how these changes relate to reported membership satisfaction. We rely on reporting from Global ACMP for the data, which has improved in the last year through deliberate investment in infrastructure support, and chapters now have a person who can help us make sense of the data.

Membership Q&A:

  1. When did these members first join ACMP?
    2011 — 15 new members
    2012 — 18 new members
    2013 — 14 new members
    2014 — 20 new members
    2015 — 63 new members
    2016 — 77 new members
    2017 — 1 new members
    Total = 208 members
  2. How many members do we have?
    208 – Members who identify that the PNW Chapter is their Primary Chapter
    275 – Total active members
  3. What is the scope of industries are represented by our members?
    Health Care
    Software Dev

We also have 28 amazing contributors who were part of our community last year who were due to renew their membership in Oct, Nov, or Dec of 2016.

It may be over played, but the start of a new year is a great time to think about your professional path! Is it important for you to engage in a professional practice to share your own experience? Is the thought of developing new skills, learning new ways of working, advocating for practice standards and certification and laughing with people who know what you do without having to explain of interest to you?

Please consider joining or renewing your membership, we look forward to knowing you, growth through your contributions and becoming a stronger profession together with you!

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