We have 9 Breakout sessions divided evenly into our three tracks and three topics: Approaches, Case Studies, and Tools & Techniques. You will have the opportunity to attend three breakout sessions over the course of our 1.5 day symposium, in addition to the  Business Leader Panel, all attendee Art & Science sessions and the Monday evening networking event.

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Building an Enterprise-Wide Change Agent Network
Portland General Electric | Katie Whitbeck, Carl Gerriets, Shelly Brockway, Carmen Milashouskas, Darren Spencer, Alicia Cook

PGE’s Change Community includes an active & growing Change Agent Network, representing six organizations within the company. Learn about how we have built the CAN, trained Change Agents, established roles and responsibilities, and made some mistakes too. We will discuss structures, support mechanisms, engaging leadership, success stories, and lessons learned.

A bad weekend doesn’t make for a bad week: The impact of personal change on professional outlook
Providence Health & Services | Leslie Ruminski & Joshua Zavertnik

Are you able to recognize when a client’s challenges have nothing to do with the task at hand? So why is it that we fail to identify this in ourselves? Together let’s explore how to effectively appreciate and develop strategies to manage what happens when our personal and professional lives collide.

Gamify Your Change Plan: How Wells Fargo increased engagement and achieved results with an inexpensive game!
Wells Fargo and 71 & Change | Kimberly Bertz & Erin Daly

Gamification is a hot topic these days as a way to accelerate engagement and achieve greater adoption, but it’s become so mired in expensive tools and fancy technology that it feels out of reach for many of us. But does it have to be? We will show you how to go old-school and low-tech and still achieve a stellar result. We’ll walk through a Wells Fargo example of a low-tech and fun gamification approach that had our end users enthusiastically embracing readiness activities using selfies and stickers, not cutting-edge technology.

PROMISES, NOT PREDICTION a personal approach to change management
Caiman Consulting | Marci Marra & JP Patiño

Learn a unique approach to view change management with the lens of a personal promise, “Promises, not predictions”. Instead of corporate-speak, let’s make a promise to our customers, employees, co-workers. Audience will come away understanding the language of change from a personal approach and be inspired to make their own promises.

Cake or Death: How One Project Team Changed their Approach to Transform the Business
University of British Columbia | Alicia Girard & Tanya Donovan

Explore a recent case study from UBC’s Faculty of Medicine in which a project was pulled back from the brink by bringing the business on board. The project was transformed from an inescapable death march to a collaborative success, demonstrating why “stakeholder engagement” has to be more than a buzzword.

Lessons from the Front Lines: Building Agile & Adaptive Organizations
Hitachi Consulting | Justin Uhler

The exponential increase in disruptive technologies and business models, rapid marketplace cycle times, and access to vast amounts of data results in ever-increasing complexity. In this session, we look at models for developing greater organizational adaptability and agility, including lessons from the US Military’s participation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Resilient Change Leader: Applying science-based mind-body hacks for thriving through change and adversity ─ and helping others to do the same
PeopleFirm | Bill Hefferman

At the heart of change leadership lies the imperative to work through and overcome our own anxiety and resistance while helping others to do the same. In this session, participants learn science-based resilience solutions for thriving through adversity and for supporting others along their own path to adaptation and commitment.

WIIFM – Mastering Tools that Sharpen Your Messages
Change Gang and Independent Consultant | Claire McCarthy & Keely Killpack

This session digs deep into the concept of WIIFM. We will share communication best practices, discuss why WIIFM is so important and share actual samples from projects. Small group activities will integrate learning concepts and transform communication collateral into WIIFM masterpieces. All groups will share, learn & be ready to apply!



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