Art of Change

Day 1 – Monday, October 10

Achieving Desired Outcome Through Art

(Led by Portland Art Museum)

Art has been the catalyst for change throughout history and can be leveraged as a tool to explore the mind. Art can be utilized to explore hypotheses, such as, “did the Works Progress Administration (Federal Arts Project) movement, initiated by the US Government inspire social change after WWII?” Come explore whether artists were able to inspire others to achieve their desired outcome.

Portland Art Museum 

Thriving in Uncertainty Through the Art of Improv

Improvisers are experts at dealing with change. They live in a highly uncertain world: no script, no plan, no time to deliberate. But it is not just chaos and chance. Learn HOW improvisers thrive in uncertainty. The skills are transferable off the stage and will give you new tools and a new mindset you can use immediately. 


Motivating Through Storytelling

How do the best change managers convey their message? They frame ideas through story. Brain science shows that wrapping ideas in a visual story is the most effective way to motivate people to change. Come learn how storytelling and visual techniques can move your audience from point A (their current mindset) to Point B (where you want them to be).

The Presentation Company


Science of Change

Day 2 – Tuesday, October 11

Leveraging Science to Improve Change Results

(Led by Prosci)

Improve your ability to deliver results by leveraging change management’s largest body of research data. Explore the key factors for change success from Prosci’s research, connect this research to your own Experience, and Extend findings into practical, immediately applicable steps to improve your outcomes


User-Centered Design Leads to Sustainable Solutions

What effect does your physical space have on your productivity and performance? Come find out how incorporating user-centered design and balancing between the end-user and sponsor requirements will lead to a creative solution that sticks.

Skylab Architecture

The Neuroscience of Behavioral Change 

NW Noggin presents cutting edge research and art concerning the neuroscience of behavioral change. Sculptural brain cells will accompany an installation by artist Kindra Crick, with music by Katie Griesar, reflecting current research by Dr. John Harkness on restoring plasticity to synapses in our brains.

NW Noggin