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As summer rounds out to a close, at my house we are preparing for a new school year ahead. As a mom, I’m struggling with the realization that my kids are getting older and the time is passing much too quickly. I’m also having to adjust to the inevitable changes that a new school year brings. As I prepare the family for renewed daily schedules, I can’t help but draw connections to my work and change practice. My kids are both more sensitive to change and transition than most (ironic, I know) which gives me the opportunity to leverage my skills to help them through their transitions.

Our school supply outing has become a yearly routine for the family, followed by dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Over dinner my husband and I share with the kids our expectations and hopes for them for the school year, what to expect with a new teacher, new classmates and new materials, and we also remind them what isn’t changing, like morning and afternoon routines at home. We provide our kids with an outlet to ask questions, express their fears and concerns, and share in the excitement over a new beginning. I’m blessed that I can leverage my skills and expertise, honed over the past 15 years in corporate America, in ways that positively affect my family at home.   

When have you been able to leverage your change management capability in a setting outside of work? We’d love to hear your story.

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Sarah Hutchinson
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