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A Message From the President

The board has been very busy this past year delivering high quality programming in both our Seattle and Portland markets. We’ve also made it a priority to build a Chapter strategy that will enable growth, provide increased value to members, and greater volunteer opportunities. The intent of this newsletter is to share the results of that work with you, our valued Chapter members. We’re very excited about what is to come over the next few years and hope you will be too.

We’re also entering election season and have several open board positions to fill. We are looking forward to welcoming some new faces and details about each open role can be found later on in this newsletter. For those of you who have been members for awhile, you’ll notice two new titles; Strategic Initiatives Director and Technology Director. Both of these roles are critical to our Chapter’s future success.

  • As you know, we’ve had some significant challenges with our website and other communication mechanisms. Our new Technology Director will help us to implement a new website platform, Wild Apricot, and partner closely with our Marketing/Communications Director to increase the frequency and quality of our communications.
  • We’ve been in conversation with Global about the strong possibility of partnering on a PNW Regional Conference late in 2019. Our Strategic Initiatives Director will lead a team of volunteers to make this partnership possible.

Thank you for your membership; your participation has contributed to the strength of this Chapter. Please take the time to read through this newsletter to understand where the Chapter is headed and consider how you can participate in our future.

– Julie Milner

Mission & Vision

Mission: The ACMP Pacific Northwest Chapter promotes and advances change management as a professional discipline within the Pacific Northwest. The chapter advances the professional discipline of change management through professional development and learning, community building, and thought leadership

Vision: Our locally-focused and globally-inspired network of change leaders successfully engage with the ever-increasing pace of change, strengthening the Pacific Northwest community.

501c3 Status Update & Strategic Planning

We are very happy to announce that we have officially submitted all necessary documents to convert from a 501(c)6 to a 501(c)3. This conversion will result in several benefits to the chapter. For example, we’ll be able to provide more benefit to our sponsors, we will have no cost access to technologies that will help our board to operate more efficiently, and we’ll be able to take advantage of matching funds that some companies offer when their employees volunteer their time. All 501(c)3 organizations must make their governance documents available to the public. Follow this link to access our shiny, new governance documentation.

Washington Nonprofits is the official 501(c)3 state association for all nonprofits in Washington, and a member of the National Council of Nonprofits. When we began the process of converting to a 501(c)3, we became a member and have been taking advantage of a host of their tools. You might be interested in knowing that the Board has been using the council’s 6-stage strategic planning process called SPiN, designed specifically for nonprofits. We have moved through the first four stages and are ready to embark upon the last two:

We’ve prepared and listened by ensuring board commitment and gathering data from you, our members about what you want in a chapter. We’ve envisioned by updating our mission and vision, as you can see above. We’ve also planned by developing strategic priorities.

These priorities will position us well for continued strength and growth. With your help, we will be poised to execute and evaluate, which leads us to …

Elections & Board Positions available

Each year a portion of the board turns over. This ensures some continuity while bringing in a regular stream of new perspectives and ideas. This year we have some particularly important roles to fill. We need a small group of dedicated individuals who are willing and able to marshal a crew of volunteers to accomplish our strategic priorities. If you have some energy and time to devote to this very worthy organization, please consider joining the board. We are looking to fill the following roles:

  • Vice President (and subsequent President-Elect)
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Seattle Community Engagement Director
  • Portland Community Engagement Director
  • Thought Leadership Team (TLT) Director
  • Strategic Initiatives Director
  • Technology Director (NEW)

Find out more about each position here.

We will be gathering nominations until Friday, March 8, 2019. From there, we will conduct an interview process and anticipate putting the slate of new board members forth for chapter approval by the week of May 13, 2019.

If you are intrigued, but have aren’t quite sure if a board position is right for you, please reach out to any current board member. We’d love to talk with you.

Welcome our new Marketing & Communications Director

Join us in welcoming Stephanie Fleming to the Board as our new Marketing & Communications Director. She fills a current vacancy and comes to us with an amazing skill set that we’re very excited to fully utilize. Click here to read her bio and learn about her.

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