Andi Adams

Marketing Communications

Andi observes that there are not very many young professionals who begin their career in the change space or who are even aware of this field of work. She believes that change management is becoming a critical capability for young professionals in all spaces of business and that there is an opportunity to continue to foster partnerships with those who want to turn change into a career or those who just want to be able to weather change in the workplace. Andi is committed to finding opportunities to engage this audience by partnering more closely with local universities and other, like avenues.
Currently, Andi works in HR Readiness on Employee Engagement at Nike. Prior to this role Andi was in the Transition Management Center of Excellence at Nike. Her ability to meet customer needs through best-in-class services and to serve as a connector and teacher are talents that differentiate her from the pack. In addition to her years spent at Nike, Andi has extensive experience working and volunteering for various Pacific Northwest non-profits.