2017 Board Elections

Interested in becoming a Board Member?!

2017 Board Elections – Nominations Close Friday, 4/28

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We’re excited to announce that the ACMP PNW Regional Network Board is looking for FIVE new board members for this election cycle!

As a Chapter, we are a locally focused, globally inspired network of change practitioners and learners looking to advance the discipline of change through practice, community & thought leadership. As board members, we work together with ACMP Global to create connections for the purpose of increasing the capability and capacity of individuals and organizations to evolve and advance the response to the ever increasing pace of change.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? As a Member of the Board you have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of experienced Change Practitioners to execute against our chapter’s mission and help shape our future! Board service is a great way to gain new experience and skills if you haven’t had the opportunity to serve on a board before – or if you have prior experience, it is a great way to exercise and strengthen those muscles.

We are looking for Chapter Members who actively participate in Chapter Events and/or have served the Board in a volunteer capacity. The time commitment on the Board is approximately 5-8 hours per month depending on role for a two-year term. Additionally, the Board meets face-to-face at least once a year, for up to two days in either Portland or Seattle.

Are you, or a fellow ACMP Chapter Member, interested in joining the Board?! If so, below are the five open roles we are looking to fill for the next Board Term:


The Vice President also serves as the owner of governance and election efforts and in the incoming President Elect role. The Vice President of the Board is prepared at all times to assume the role of Board President, if necessary. The Vice President, whose knowledge and commitment mirrors that of the President, may serve in the President’s place for board activities and in the spokesperson capacity. The President may delegate special assignments to the Vice President.

The role of the ACMP PNW Vice President includes responsibility for the following:

  • Performs responsibilities of the President when the President cannot be available
  • Participates in the development, establishment and maintenance of policies through which the work of the organization is accomplished
  • Suggests policy-related agenda items for meetings
  • Accountable for the ACMP PNW Board election process, including strategy, planning and execution including election related communications
  • Works with the President and the rest of the Board to prospect for, recruit, elect, appoint and onboard new Board members
  • Helps with the periodic review and modification of Bylaws as needed
  • Participates closely with the President to develop and implement board member transition plans
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board


These roles work collaboratively with our Member Engagement & Marketing / Communications board members, providing hands on strategy, planning and execution of all member services activities and chapter programming across our two primary locations of Seattle & Portland metro. Primary focus of the role will be to set the strategy around member services and manage events including webinars, networking events, coffee chats. Secondary focus would include a strategy around additional member services such as professional development. This role will partner with our Member Engagement board member to help mobilize our chapter volunteers to support chapter programming & events.

In addition to having enthusiasm and experience in the field of change management, willingness to commit time and energy, and past experience volunteering and participating in ACMP PNW chapter events, we are also looking for:

  • Event planning/management experience
  • Strong project management skills
  • Experience running webinars or large virtual meetings
  • Experience in building community and engagement through events and activities


The Marketing & Communications role is focused on creating brand awareness and chapter engagement through monthly marketing and communication efforts. The goal is to create awareness to our chapter by providing updates regarding Member Engagement announcements, Member Services events, Thought Leadership Team (TLT) happenings, Governance activities and much more!

The role of the PNW ACMP Marketing and Communications Director includes responsibility for the following:

  • Prepares and sends all marketing communications to member and non-members (which includes quarterly newsletters, learning events, etc.)
  • Coordinates quarterly newsletter content receipt across all Board Members; serve as the Project Manager to coordinate the completion, QA and distribution
  • Creates and distributes digital postcards for all coffee chat and learning events as directed by the Chapter Programming Leads (Seattle and Portland)
  • Supports marketing communication activities for the Change Connect Conference working directly with the Special Projects Director
  • Manages the annual Marketing and Communications Strategy (key themes, metrics, etc.) and incorporates feedback / revisions provided by fellow Board Members
  • Manages Mail Chimp Distribution lists working closely with Board partners
  • Fosters a strong social media presence by posting ACMP articles and insights on LinkedIn and encouraging other Board Members to contribute as well
  • Promptly responds to fellow Board Member requests and questions related to Marketing and Communication efforts and support needs
  • Identifies marketing and communication volunteer opportunities and coordinates with the Member Engagement Team / Volunteer Director


The Director of Special Projects is responsible for managing internal Special Projects on behalf of the Board throughout the duration of their term. In addition, the Director of Special Projects is responsible for developing and executing the strategy / detailed event plans for our biennial Change Connect conference which is next scheduled for 2018.

As it relates to Change Connect specifically, the Special Projects Director includes responsibility for the following:

  • Establish and maintain a chapter event strategy and plan
  • Present and review the event strategy to the board for approval
  • Confirm roles each board member will play in support of the event
  • Planning event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives
  • Coming up with suggestions to enhance the event’s success
  • Preparing budgets and ensuring adherence
  • Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers
  • Hiring support staff
  • Lead promotional activities for the event
  • Supervise all staff (event coordinators, caterers etc.)
  • Approve all aspects before the day of the event
  • Ensure event is completed smoothly and step up to resolve any problems that might occur
  • Analyze the event’s success and prepare report outs to the Board

In addition to possessing enthusiasm for this role, we are also looking for:

  • Strong project management skills
  • Event planning/management experience
  • Computer savvy; proficient in MS Office
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation ability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • A knack for problem-solving
  • Customer-service orientation
  • A team player with leadership skills

Between April 14th – April 28th 2017, active members received notification that they can nominate themselves or another member that might be interested. As to next steps, here are the key date ranges be aware of for the election process:

  • Friday, April 14th – Friday, April 28th 2017: Call for Nominations – IN PROGRESS
  • Throughout May: Conduct Interviews & Finalize Candidates
  • Early June: Conduct Member Election
  • Late June: Confirm Election Results & Welcome New Board Members!

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